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Saenger Raumgleiter, Germany 



Breguet 111 Gyroplane, France, 1946 , Helicopter 



Leduc 010, France, 1946 , Experimental high speed aircraft 



Sud-Ouest SO 6000 Triton, France, 1946 , Experimental Jet Aircraft 



Alekseev I 211, Russia, 1947 , Experimental fighter aircraft 



Douglas D 558 I Skystreak, USA, 1947 , Experimental Airplane 



Northrop B 35 Flying Wing, USA, 1947 , Experimental bomber 



Alekseev I 215 D, Russia, 1948 , Experimental fighter aircraft 



Bell X 1, USA, 1948 , High speed experimental airplane 



Hurel Dubois HD 10, France, 1948 , Experimental aircraft 



Northrop X-4, USA, 1948 , Experimental Aircraft 



Aérocentre NC 1090, France, 1949 , Carrier based fighter aircraft (Prototype) 



Avro 707 C, United Kingdom, 1949 , Exprimental for high-speed delta wings 



Bristol B 188, United Kingdom, 1950 , High speed experimental aircraft 



F+W N 20 Aiguillon, Switzerland, 1951 , Fighter Bomber Prototype 



F+W N 20 . 2 Arbalète, Switzerland, 1951 , Fighter prototype 



De Havilland Dh 108 Swallow, United Kingdom, 1952 , Experimental supersonic aircraft 



Northrop B 49 Flying Wing, USA, 1952 , Experimental bomber 



Sud-Ouest SO 9000 Trident, France, 1953 , Hybrid propulsion experimental aircraft 



Bell X 3 Stiletto, USA, 1954 , High speed experimental aircraft 



FMA IA 37 - 02, Argentina, 1954 , experimental fighter aircraft 


This supersonic delta fighter interceptor was designed with the assistance of Dr. Reimar Horten. First, a glider was designed was a proof of concept and flew in 1954. Then, a second prototype was built to check the general concept and design details. Later on, a third prototype is built for the achieving supersonic flight.


Hirsch H. 100, France, 1954 , Experimental Aircraft 



Maerc Sarl H-00, France, 1954 



Payen PA 49, France, 1954 , Experimental aircraft 



Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke P 1604, Switzerland, 1955 , Fighter Bomber 



Ryan X-13 Vertijet, USA, 1955 , VTOL Experimental AIrcraft 



Grumman Goblin, USA, 1956 , Experimental fighter 



Leduc 022, France, 1956 , Highspeed Experimental 



Tupolev Tu 91, Russia, 1956 , Battle Aircraft Prototype 



Nord 1500 Griffon, France, 1957 , Experimental high speed aircraft 



SNECMA C 400 P2 Atar Volant, France, 1957 , Experimental aircraft for vertical take off 



Focke Borgward BFK 1 Kolibri, Germany, 1958 , Experimental Helicopter 


The automobile manufaturer Borgward in Bremen tried to expand its program by helicopters. So the Kolibri was designed together with Prof. Heinrich Focke. The project was shut down because of economical problems of the Borgward factories.


Bölkow BO FJ Flying Jeep, Germany, 1960 , Experimental Helicopter 


Experimental device for the development of a flying platform. Designed by Dr. Heidelberg. Lift and pro pulsion were supplied by several propellers. The props were driven by compressed air supplied by a compressor on the ground.


Bell 47 B-3, USA, 1961 , Experimental helicopter 



Hawker Siddeley P 1127, United Kingdom, 1961 , VTOL Experimental 



Dornier DO 32 E/U Kiebitz, Germany, 1962 , transportable ultralight single seat helicopter 



North American X 15, USA, 1962 , High speed experimental aircraft 



British Aircraft Corp. TSR 2, United Kingdom, 1964 , Tactical bomber and reconnaisance aircraft 


Originally designed to follow the Canberra, the TSR 2s development was delayed by problems with its complex avionics very much. After the maiden flight in 1964, the TSR 2 project was shut down.


Bölkow BO 46, Germany, 1964 , Experimental high speed helicopter 


The Bo46 was designed around the Derschmidt rotor sys- tem to perform highspeed trials. The rotorblades are moved individually to suppress negative backflow effects during highspeed flight. Technical problems couldn't be solved so the project was shut down.


North American B 70 Valkyrie, USA, 1964 , Prototype strategic supersonic bomber 



Avro CF 105 Arrow, Canada, 1965 , Prototype fighter 



Dassault Mirage III V, France, 1965 , VTOL Fighter Aircraft 



Georges G 1 Papillon, Germany, 1965 , Ultralight single seat helicopter 



Georges G 2, Germany, 1965 , Single seat experimental helicopter 



Hawker P 1121, United Kingdom, 1965 , VTOL / STOL Experimental aircraft 



VFW/Fokker Schwebegestell, Germany, 1966 , VTOL Experimental 



VFW/Fokker Schwebegestell, Germany, 1966 , VTOL Experimental 



Dornier DO 31 E, Germany, 1967 , Tactical Transport VTOL Aircraft 


The Do 31 was designed as a tactical transport aircraft with VTOL capabilities. The construction did work, but the project was grounded later.


Dornier DO 33, Germany, 1968 , Experimental transport for STOL / VTOL 




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