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Ader Clement III, France, 1897 , Pioneer 



Chanute, France, 1897 , Experimental aircraft 



Oehmichen Helicopter, France, 1898 , Pioneer helicopter 



Wright Typ A Standard, USA, 1903 , Pioneer aircraft 



Ellehammer 1906, Danmark, 1906 , Aviation pioneer 



Grade Typ A, Germany, 1906 , Light aircraft 



Santos Dumont 14 bis, Brazil, 1906 , Pioneer 



Vuia, France, 1906 



Esnault-Pelterie Monoplane, France, 1907 , Pioneer 



Voisin-Henri Farman I Bis, France, 1907 



Blackburn Monoplane, United Kingdom, 1908 , Pioneer 



Bataille Triplane, Belgium, 1908 , Experimental aircraft 



Manning MF 1 Flanders, United Kingdom, 1908 , Pioneer 



Santos Dumont Demoiselle, Brazil, 1908 , Pioneer 



Blériot IX, France, 1909 , Pioneer 



Dufaux 4, Switzerland, 1909 , Prototype 


The first successful powered aircraft in switzerland. First plane to cross the Lake Geneva. The type was offered to the swiss military but the offer was turned down. After this, it was developed into the Dufaux 5.


Farman Savoia 1909, France, 1909 , Pioneer 



Grade Eindecker, Germany, 1909 , Pioneer 


Designed by Grade to get the Lanz-Price, which was to be given to the first aviator in germany who flew 2,5km around two poles. Grade did accomplish this in November 1909 in Berlin-Johannisthal.


Humber Monoplane, United Kingdom, 1909 , Pioneer 



Levavasseur Antoinette, France, 1909 , Pioneer 


One of the most well known designs from the early days of aviation. With this type, several records were flown, like the first german cross country and the first time at 1000m height. A attempt to cross the channel first failed.


Coanda 1910, Romunia, 1910 , Experimental Jet Aircraft 


Coanda developed this aircraft with a totally new engine system: A small piston engine powered a radial kompressor which pushed compressed air into a flame chamber. Fuel was added and ignited. This early jet engine generated 220kp thrust. Coanda piloted the maiden flight but it ended with the plane destroyed.


Curtiss D Pusher, USA, 1910 , Pioneer 



Dufaux 5, Switzerland, 1910 , Prototype 


Developed from the Dufaux 4 but with a Gnôme rotation engine This prototype was tested by the swiss army, finally this led to the foundation of the "schweizerische Fliegertruppe", the swiss air force.


Farman Typ 1910, France, 1910 , Experimental 



Henri Fabre, France, 1910 , Float seaplane 



Nieuport N II, France, 1910 , Pioneer 



Nieuport-Macchi Ni 10, Italy, 1910 



Pischof Autoplane, Austria, 1910 



Deperdussin B, France, 1911 , Pioneer 



R. Esnault-Pelterie REP D, France, 1911 



Farman 1912, France, 1912 , Pioneer 



Hübner 1912, Germany, 1912 , Light aircraft 



Horváth H III, Austria, 1912 , Experimental aircraft 



Deperdussin Monocoque, France, 1913 , Pioneer 




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