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Jakovlev Jak 52, Russia , Trainer 



DeHavilland Canada DHC 1 Chipmunk, United Kingdom, 1946 , Basic Trainer 


The Chipmunk was a very famous trainer. Nearly 1300 were build and in use in more than 25 countries all over the world. In 1996 a flight of Chipmunks made a memorial flight from London to Moscow and back.


Jakovlev Jak 11, Russia, 1946 , Trainer 


As a basic and aerobatics trainer in use in most of the countries of the eastern bloc.


Moravan Z 26 Trener, Czech Republic, 1946 , Training and aerobatic aircraft 



Pilatus P 2, Switzerland, 1946 , Trainer 



Zlin Z 22 Junak, Czech Republic, 1946 , Trainer 



Aero Z 131, Czech Republic, 1947 , Basic trainer 


Basic trainer for military pilot education in the 30ies and the 40ies. After the war used as in the general aviation area and for aerobatics.


Boulton Paul Balliol, United Kingdom, 1947 , Advanced Trainer 


The Balliol was designed to follow the T6 Harvard. Originally it should be turboprop-driven - the 2nd prototype was the first single engine ptl aircraf to fly - but finally the Rolls Ryce Merlin piston engine was mounted.


CKD-Praga E 112, Czech Republic, 1948 , Trainer 



LWD Junak 2, Poland, 1948 , Training aircraft 



Orlican M 3 Bonzo, Czech Republic, 1948 , Trainer and general aviation 



Lockheed 580, USA, 1949 , Trainer 



Lockheed 580, USA, 1949 , Trainer 



LWD Junak 1, Poland, 1949 , Trainer 



Morane Saulnier MS 733 Alcyon, France, 1949 , Training and liaison aircraft 



PZL S 4 Kania, Poland, 1949 , Light and trainig aircraft 



AISA 1-11 B Peque, Spain, 1950 , Trainer 


Spanish basic trainer. Some 450 were build.


De Havilland DH 115 Vampire T. Mk 55, United Kingdom, 1950 , Trainer 


Ther Vampire T is the two seat trainig version of the first jet fighter/bomber of the RAF. A radar equipped night fighter was developed from the Vampire T.


Fokker S-11 Instructor, Netherlands, 1950 , Trainer 



Hunting Percival Provost T.1, United Kingdom, 1950 , Trainer 


The Provost was the standard trainer of the RAF in the post war aera. Between 1952 and 1960 461 were manufactured.


Hunting Percival Provost T.1, United Kingdom, 1950 , Trainer 


The Provost was the standard trainer of the RAF in the post war aera. Between 1952 and 1960 461 were manufactured.


Morane Saulnier MS 470 Vanneau, France, 1950 , Trainer 



Fokker S-14 Mach Trainer, Netherlands, 1951 , Trainer 



AISA 1-115, Spain, 1952 , Trainer 


Some 450 were produced of this basic trainer.


Ambrosini Supersette, Italy, 1952 , Trainer 



LWD Junak 3, Poland, 1952 , Training aircraft 



Potez Air Fouga CM 170 Magister, Germany, 1952 , Light Attack Aircraft and Trainer 


The Nagister was mostly used in its role as a trainer in various air forces. The french aerobatics team Patrouille de France used the Magister several years.


FMA IA 35 IA Huanquero, Argentina, 1953 , Multi purpose a/c, Trainer 


The Huanquero was designed for a variety of roles. For each role a different version was built. The 35IA was an advanced trainer for IFR flight, short range and long range navigation. Additionally, it was fitted with cameras for reconnaissance missions. Other versions are the 35IU (bomber trainer), 35II (light transport), 35III (photo aircraft).


LWD Zuraw, Poland, 1953 , Multi purpose aircraft 



Moravan Z 126 Trenèr, Czech Republic, 1953 , Basic and aerobatics trainer 


The Z126 is a member of the well-known familiy of the Zlin trainig aircraft with the Z26 starting in 1948. The Zlins were in use throughout europe mainly for traning purposes. The Z126 was followed by many more types of that family.


Piaggio P 149 D, Italy, 1953 , Trainer 


The P.149 was build for the german Bundesluftwaffe by Focke Wulf in license from Piaggo. They were in use up to the 80ies.


Hunting Percival Jet Provost T 1 Mk 5, United Kingdom, 1954 , Trainer 



Hunting Percival Jet Provost T 1, United Kingdom, 1954 , Trainer 



Piper PA 18 - 125 Super Cub, USA, 1954 , Sports- and basic flight instruction plane 


Based on the military L4 Grasshopper the simple and rugged construction was fitted with a more powerful engine. More than 40.000 Cubs were built.


Potez Air Fouga CM 175 Zéphyr, France, 1954 , Training and Liaison aircraft 



Stampe et Renard SR 7 B, Belgium, 1954 , Trainer 



Cessna A 37 Dragonfly, USA, 1955 , Light Attack Aircraft, Ground Support Role 


The A37 was developed from the T37 Trainer. The T37 was the standard jet trainer form the 50ies to the 70ies. The A 37 saw combat in Viet Nam.


Cijan DM 6 R Kurir, Turkey, 1955 , Reconnaissance and liaison aircraft 



Folland Gnat Mk. 1, United Kingdom, 1955 , Light fighter bomber 



Pilatus P 3, Switzerland, 1956 , Multipurpose Trainer 


Developed for basic and advanced flight training, 72 items have been produced for the swiss air force.


WSK TS 8 Bies, Poland, 1956 , Training aircraft 



Nord 3202, France, 1957 , Aerobatics and military flight instruction 



WSK TS 11 bis DF Iskra, Poland, 1960 , Training aircraft 


The Iskra is the first all polish jet aircraft, designed by Soltyk. It was the standard trainer for jet pilots up to the 80ies, when it was relieved by the L39 Albatros.


North American T 28 A Trojan, USA, 1961 , Trainer and light attack aircraft 



Saab S 91 Safir, Sweden, 1962 , Light multi purpose aircraft 



Dassault Mirage III BS, France, 1963 , Fighter / Bomber Trainer 



Saab 105, Sweden, 1963 , Trainer, light figher bomber 


Trainer, light fighter bomber


Aero L 29 Delfin, Czech Republic, 1965 , Jet trainer 


As the first tschekoslovakian jet construction, 3600 L29 were build and flown all over the warsaw pact. It's reliability and security was widely admired.


SOKO Galeb, Yugoslavia, 1965 , Ground Attack Trainer 



WSK TS 7, Poland, 1965 , Training aircraft 



Zlin Z-526 A Akrobat, Czech Republic, 1965 , Aerobatics aircraft 



LWD Zak 3, Poland, 1966 , Trainer 



Northrop T 38 Talon, USA, 1966 , Advanced trainer and light fighter 



Moravan Z 42, Czech Republic, 1967 , Training and general aviation aircraft 



Aero L 39 Albatros, Czech Republic, 1968 , Jet trainer and light ground attack plane 


The L39 followed the L29. It is designed to operate in extreme climates and from minor airfields with minimum conditions. The L39 is used as a target towing aircraft also.


Beagle B 125 Bulldog, United Kingdom, 1968 , Trainer 


The B125 was the military version of the B121 Pup. After the liquidation of Beagle Aviation, BAe took over this type and did build some 340 for the Royal Air Force.


Beechcraft T 34 A Mentor, USA, 1968 , Trainer 



North American Rockwell T 2 Buckeye, USA, 1968 , Carrier based trainer 



MBB / SNIAS E.650-9701 Eurotrainer, Germany, 1969 , Training aircraft 




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