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Canadair CL 604 Challenger, Canada , light airliner, corporate jet, transport 



Aérospatiale British Aircraft Corp. Concorde, United Kingdom, 1970 , Supersonic airliner 



Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk. III - 2 Trislander, United Kingdom, 1970 , Light commuter aircraft 


The Trislander design is based on the Islander. A specialty of this design is the third engine, which is situated aft at the vertical stabilizer.


Tupolev TU 134, Russia, 1970 , Airliner 



CASA C 212-300 Aviocar, Spain, 1971 , Commuter aircraft / Transporter 



Avions Marcel Dassault Mercure, France, 1971 , Short range jet airliner 


The Mercure was very similar to the Boeing 737 and didn't find a market in the international aviation business. The Mercure is one of the ancestors of the european airbus project.


Iljushin Il 62, Russia, 1973 , Airliner 



Boeing 737 300, USA, 1974 , Short- and midrange airliner 



DeHavilland Canada DHC 5 D Buffalo, United Kingdom, 1975 , tactical STOL transport aircraft and midrange airliner 



DeHavilland Canada DHC 7 Dash 7, United Kingdom, 1975 , STOL short range airliner 



Iljushin Il 86 Aerobus, Russia, 1975 , Wide-body Airliner 



Jakovlev Jak 42, Russia, 1975 , Airliner 



Short SD 3-30, United Kingdom, 1975 , Transport Aircraft 



Tupolev Tu 144 Konkordski, Russia, 1975 , Supersonic airliner 



Tupolev Tu 154 B, Russia, 1975 , Airliner 



Antonov AN 32, Russia, 1976 , Mid range commuter 


Designed on the AN24 with more powerful engines to fit hotter and higher airfields.


Antonov AN 32 NATO CLINE, Russia, 1976 , Mid range commuter 


Designed on the AN24 with more powerful engines to fit hotter and higher airfields.


GAF Nomad N24, Australia, 1976 , light multipurpose transport and commuter 


The Nomad was developed for the rough duty in the australian outback. It is known widely by it's role in the Royal Flying Doctor's service.


Antonov An 72, Ukraina, 1977 , STOL Transport Aircraft 



Embraer EMB 110 P2 Bandeirante, Brazil, 1977 , Commuter aircraft 


The EMB 111M is a special version of the EMB110 The EMB121 is dreived from the EMB110 Bandeirante. Bandeirante for sea surveillance and coast guard The 121 itself was variied by the length of the tasks of the chilenean navy. An AN/APS128 Radar, fuselage and the engines so a new family of enlarged tanks, a large searchlight and three pods corporate twins emerged on the basic design of the to launch missiles are some of the modifications. mature Bandeirante commuter.


Harbin Y 12 II Turbo Panda, People's Republic of China, 1977 , Commuter Airplane 



Canadair CL-600 Challenger, Canada, 1978 , light airliner, corporate jet, transport 



Iljushin Il 76 T, Russia, 1978 , Transport aircraft 



Let 410 Turbolet, Czech Republic, 1978 , Short range passenger aircraft 



Iljushin Il 96, Russia, 1980 , Airliner 



Maule, USA, 1980 , Tugging aircraft 



Boeing B 767-300ER, USA, 1981 , Long range airliner 


The 767 is designed to follow the 707 and smaller 747 models. With its introduction a discussion took place if biengine aircraft are reliable and secure enough for intercontinental flights.


Boeing B 767-400, USA, 1981 , Long range airliner 



Fairchild (Swearingen) Metro III, USA, 1981 , Commuter / Airliner 



Airbus A 310-200, France, 1982 , Airliner 


The A310 is somewhat smaller than the A300 and is in use on midrange and longrange flights . It's the second model of the Airbus line of airliners. As the first airliner in the world it was equipped with a fly-by-wire flight control system.


Airbus A 310-300, France, 1982 , Airliner 



Antonov An 124 Ruslan, Ukraina, 1982 , Heavy Transport 



Boeing B 757-200, USA, 1982 , Airliner 


The 757 was designed for those routes, where a 737 is too small and the Jumbo Jet is too expensive to operate. It is one of the first full electronic airliners to become operational.


Boeing B 757-300, USA, 1982 , Airliner 



Airbus A 300-600, International, 1983 , Medium Range Airliner 


The A300 was the first model of Airbus Industry, a group of eurpean aircraft manufacturers that was to bring a european answer to Boeing and McDD to the international aitliner market. The A300-600 is equipped with a 100% digital control system (fly-by-wire).


CASA / Airtech CN 235-100, Spain, 1983 , Passenger / Transport Aircraft 


The CN 235 is a joint-venture of the spanish CASA and the indonesian IPTN, designed as a mid-size multi role transport aircraft. In the military sector it is even used as a sea surveillance aircraft, armed with Exocet missiles or torpedoes.


Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia, Brazil, 1983 , Commuter aircraft 



Antonov AN 74, Ukraina, 1984 , STOL Transport 



Shorts 330, United Kingdom, 1984 , Transport aircraft 



Boeing 737 500, USA, 1985 , Short- and midrange airliner 



Fokker F 50, Netherlands, 1985 , Passenger Aircraft 



BAe ATP, United Kingdom, 1986 , Airliner 



Canadair CL-601 Challenger, Canada, 1986 , light airliner, corporate jet, transport 



Fokker F 100, Netherlands, 1986 , Passenger Aircraft 



Gulfstream G 1159 Gulfstream IV, USA, 1986 , Corporate Jet 



DeHavilland Canada DHC 8 Dash 8-300, United Kingdom, 1987 , Passenger Aircraft 



Airbus A 320-200, , 1988 , Airliner 


The A320 is the mid range variant of the second generation of the european airbus family.


Let L 610, Czech Republic, 1988 , Passenger aircraft 



McDonnell Douglas MD 11, USA, 1989 , Airliner 



Tupolev Tu 204, Russia, 1989 , Airliner 



BAe / Avro International RJ 70, United Kingdom, 1990 , Regional Jet Airliner 



Raytheon / Beechcraft 1900 D, USA, 1990 , Regional Airliner 



Iljushin Il 114, Russia, 1990 , Regional Airliner 



Airbus A 340-300, , 1991 , Long Range Airliner 


The A340 is the large-scale member of the Airbus family of jet airliners, fitted with 4 jet engines. It is designed for long range (-300) and ultra-long range (-200). Technically, the A340 and the A330 are relatives, but the A340 has got increased safety especially on intercontinental flights by its 4 jet engines.


Airbus A 340-200, , 1991 , Long Range Airliner 



Canadair (Bombardier) CRJ 200, Canada, 1991 , Short range airliner 



Embraer / FAMA CBA 123, Brazil, 1991 , Commuter 



Pilatus PC 12, Switzerland, 1991 , Executive Aircraft / Commuter 



Airbus A 330, , 1992 , Airliner 



BAe / Avro International RJ 85, United Kingdom, 1992 , Regional Jet Airliner 



Daimler Chrysler Do 328, Germany, 1992 , Passenger and transport aircraft 



Airbus A 321-200, , 1993 , Airliner 



BAe / Avro International RJ 100, United Kingdom, 1993 , Regional Jet Airliner 



Antonov AN 38, Ukraina, 1994 , Regional airliner, transport 


The AN 38 is a development of the smaller An 28, designed as a mid-size multi-role transport aircraft. Since it is optionally fitted with western engines and avionics, it is targeted on the world market.


ATR 42-500, France, 1994 , Regional Airliner 



ATR 72-500, France, 1994 , Regional Airliner 



Canadair (Bombardier) CRJ 700, Canada, 1994 , Short range airliner 



Antonov An 70, Ukraina, 1995 , Mid-range transport aircraft 



Learjet (Bombardier) 45, USA, 1995 , Corporate Jet 



Canadair (Bombardier) Global Express, Canada, 1996 , Corporate Jet 



Airbus A 330-200, France, 1997 , Long range airliner 


The A330-200 is the long range version of the A330 family. The hull was shortened and the fuel capacity was increased. Aditionally, the wings, the vertical stabilizer and the cockpit have been redesigned.


Antonov An 140, Ukraina, 1997 , Airliner 



Boeing 777-300, USA, 1997 , Widebody airliner 



Beriev BE 200, Russia, 1998 , Multi purpose amphibious aircraft 



Boeing 717-200, USA, 1998 , Short range airliner 



Dassault Falcon 900 C, France, 1998 , Business Jet 



Embraer ERJ 135, Brazil, 1998 , Regional Airliner 



Fairchild Dornier Do 328 Jet, USA, 1998 , Passenger and transport aircraft 


Developed from the Do 328 turboprop. With the completing of the development, the Do 328 line was sold from Daimler Chrysler Aerospace to Fairchild (1998). Even a commercial success, Fairchild encountered financial difficulties in 2000.


Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 700, Canada, 1999 , Short range airliner 



Embraer ERJ 145 SA, Brazil, 1999 , Regional Airliner 



Ayres LM 200 Loadmaster, USA, 2000 , Freighter 



Boeing B 737-900, USA, 2000 , Shortrange / midrange airliner 



Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 900, Canada, 2000 , Short range airliner 



Bombardier (Bus. A/C) Global 5000, Canada, 2004 , Long Range Business Jet 



Bombardier (Bus. A/C) Global Express XRS, Canada, 2004 , Corporate Jet 




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