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Curtiss SO 3 C Seamew, USA, 1939 , Sea reconnaissance and ASW aircraft 



Fairey Firefly F.I, United Kingdom, 1939 , Carrier-based fleet reconnaissance fighter 



Heinkel He 114, Germany, 1939 , Sea based Reconnaissance aircraft 



Aichi D 3 A Val, Japan, 1940 , Torpedo bomber 



Arado Ar 196 A3, Germany, 1940 , Naval reconnaissance- and combat aircraft 



Arado Ar 231, Germany, 1940 , Sea reconnaissance aircraft based on submarines 



Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, USA, 1940 , Carrier based scout bomber 



Douglas TBD 1 Devastator, USA, 1940 , Torpedo bomber 



Fairey Barracuda Mk II, United Kingdom, 1940 , Carrier based torpedo bomber / dive bomber 



Grumman F 4 F-4 Wildcat, USA, 1940 , Carrier based fighter aircraft 



Grumman TBM 3 / TBF Avenger, USA, 1940 , Carrier based torpedo bomber 



Vought F 4 U Corsair, USA, 1940 , Carrier based fighter bomber 



Brewster SB2A Buccaneer, Australia, 1941 , Carrier based scout-bomber 



Grumman F 7 F Tigercat, USA, 1941 , Carrier based fighter bomber 



Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk II C, United Kingdom, 1941 , Carrier based fighter interceptor 



Supermarine Seafire Mk III, United Kingdom, 1941 , Carrier based fighter interceptor 



Blackburn B 37 Firebrand, United Kingdom, 1942 , Carrier based fighter bomber 


The Firebrand was build upon request of the RN. First it had the Napier Sabre engine, but it had to be changes to Centaurus because of the Sabres being used in Typhoons. 68 were build.


Grumman F 6 F-5 Hellcat, USA, 1942 , Carrier based fighter bomber 



Miles M 25 Martinet, United Kingdom, 1942 , Carrier based trainer 



Airspeed AS 39 Fleet Shadower, United Kingdom, 1943 , Carrier-based sea reconnaissance aircraft 


This highly specialized aircraft was designed to shadow enemy fleets from aircraft carriers, mostly at night. To achieve this, endurance, slow cruising speeds, good field of view and a comparable small size had to be combined.


Consolidated PB4Y Privateer, USA, 1943 , Sea surveillance aircraft 



Douglas BTD Destroyer, USA, 1943 , Torpedo- and dive bomber 



Goodyear F 2 G Corsair, USA, 1943 , Carrier based fighter bomber 



Douglas A 1 J Skyraider, USA, 1944 , Carrier based ground attack aircraft 


The Skyraider was designed during WWII, but was too late to see action. It remained the last and one of the most successful ground attack planes, which could compete with the jet driven bombers of its days. The SPAD was able to get a higher bombload more accurate into the target than any jet. of that time


Grumman F 8 F Bearcat, USA, 1944 , Carrier based fighter 




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