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Chioni Wch 4, Russia, 1921 , Large Bomber 



Aeromarine PG 1, USA, 1922 , Fighter and ground attack aircraft (prototype) 



Dornier C, Germany, 1924 , Taktical reconnaissance aircraft 


Was equipped with various engines (Napier Lion IV, 450hp, 176km/h)


Dornier D, Germany, 1924 , Sea-based torpedo bomber 



Fairey Fawn Mk. III, United Kingdom, 1924 , Light bomber 



Aero Ab 11, Czech Republic, 1925 , Reconnaissance and light bombing aircraft 



Fairey Fox Mk. VI, United Kingdom, 1925 , Bomber 



Fokker D-XI, Netherlands, 1925 , Tactical Bomber 



Hawker Horsley, United Kingdom, 1925 , Light bomber, Torpedobomber 



Heinkel HD 14, Germany, 1925 , Sea based torpedo bomber 



Junkers G 24 a, Germany, 1925 , Airliner, Transport, Bomber 



Dornier N, Germany, 1926 , Bomber 



Junkers K 30, Germany, 1926 , Bomber, Torpedobomber 



Junkers K 39 a, Germany, 1926 , Long range reconnaissance, Bomber 



Junkers K 43 a, Germany, 1926 , Reconnaissance, Bomber 



Junkers R 42, Germany, 1926 , Bomber, also as sea-based bomber and torpedo bomber 



Junkers W 34 b, Germany, 1926 , Airliner, Transport, Reconnaissance, Bomber 



Letov S 16, Czech Republic, 1926 , Bomber 



Handley Page Hyderabad, United Kingdom, 1927 , Combat reconnaissance aircraft 



Heinkel He 7, Germany, 1927 , Sea based torpedo bomber 



Junkers K 37 I, Germany, 1927 , Long range reconnaissance (I), Bomber (II), Ground attack (III) 



Potez L 25 A-2 Jupiter, France, 1927 , Long Range Reconnaissance Aircraft, light Bomber 



Westland Wapiti Mk II. A, United Kingdom, 1927 , Light bomber, multi-purpose aircraft 



Hawker Hart, United Kingdom, 1928 , Bomber 



Heinkel HD 16 W, Germany, 1928 , Torpedo bomber 



Rohrbach Ro VI, Germany, 1928 , Bomber 



Rohrbach Ro VIII Mb, Germany, 1928 , Bomber 



Vickers Vildebeest Mk. IV, United Kingdom, 1928 , Torpedo bomber 



Aero A 42, Czech Republic, 1929 , Bomber 



BFW M 22, Germany, 1929 , Long range reconnaissance, bomber 



Breguet XIX, France, 1929 , Combat aircraft 



Junkers A 48 b, Germany, 1929 , Fighter, dive bomber 



Letov S 321, Czech Republic, 1929 , Bomber 



Letov S 528, Czech Republic, 1930 , Bomber 



Fairey Gordon, United Kingdom, 1931 , Bomber 



Hawker Audax, United Kingdom, 1931 , Army ccoperation aircraft 



Dornier Do 11, Germany, 1932 , Bomber 



Fokker C IX, Netherlands, 1932 , Long range reconnaissance, light bomber 



Heinkel He 50, Germany, 1932 , Dive bomber, reconnaissance 



Heinkel He 59 B-1, Germany, 1932 , Sea based combat aircraft 



Martin B 10 B, USA, 1932 , Bomber 


The B10 was the first Bomber of modern layout - unbraced monoplane wings, all metal construction - wich was built in numbers. It had an internal bomb storage, retractable gear, a rotating gun turret and a closed cockpit. The US Air Corps purchased 121 B10 and additional 32 B12 which had Pratt&Whitney engines instead of Wrights. In 1934, General "Hap" arnold did send 10 B10 on a journey from Washington to Fairbanks/Alsaka and back, 7360 miles. Except in the USA, B10s where in use in the Netherlands, China and Argentina. By the end of the 1930ies the B10 were replaced by B17s and B18s.


Aero A 100, Czech Republic, 1933 , Reconnaissance / light bomber 



Blackburn B 6 Shark Mk. II, United Kingdom, 1933 , Torpedobomber and sea surveillance aircraft 



Boulton Paul Overstrand Mk I, United Kingdom, 1933 , mid-size bomber 



Dornier Do 13, Germany, 1933 , Bomber 



Vickers Vincent, United Kingdom, 1933 , Multi-Purpose Aircraft 



Westland Wallace Mk. II, United Kingdom, 1933 , Light bomber 



Dornier Do 23, Germany, 1934 , Bomber 



Fairey Swordfish Mk. II, United Kingdom, 1934 , Carrier based torpedo bomber 



Hawker Hind, United Kingdom, 1934 , Light bomber 



Hawker Hardy, United Kingdom, 1934 , General purpose aircraft 



Heinkel He 66, Germany, 1934 , Reconnaissance aircraft, dive bomber 



Messerschmitt Me 110 G Zerstörer, Germany, 1934 , Heavy Fighter-Bomber 


1934 the RLM asked for a heavy fighter with great range and some defensive armament. In practice, the Bf 110 was not agile enough to withstand single- engine fighters. It was used in various roles like fighter-bomber, ground support and nightfighting.


Savoia Marchetti SM 79 Sparviero, Italy, 1934 , Medium bomber 



Breda Ba. 65, Italy, 1935 , Fighter, light bomber, teactical reconnaissance 



Bristol Type 130 Bombay Mk. I, United Kingdom, 1935 , Bomber / Transporter 



Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 135 P.XI, Italy, 1935 , Medium Bomber 



Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 309 Ghibli, Italy, 1935 , general-purpose / light reconnaissance bomber 



CRDA Cant C. 506 Airone, Italy, 1935 , Reconnaissance / bomber floatplane 



Hawker Hartebeeste, United Kingdom, 1935 , Ground support aircraft 



Henschel Hs 124, Germany, 1935 , Combat aircraft 



Savoia Marchetti SM 81 Pipistrello, Italy, 1935 , Bomber / Transport 



Tupolev ANT 3, Russia, 1935 , Reconnaissance aircraft 



Vickers Wellesley Mk. I, United Kingdom, 1935 , Light bomber 



Arado Ar 81, Germany, 1936 , dive bomber 



Arado Ar 95 A1, Germany, 1936 , Seabased bomber and torpedo attack a/c 



Armstrong Whitworth AW 38 Whitley Mk V, United Kingdom, 1936 , Night bomber 


The Whitleys were with more than 1800 produced one of the major types of the RAF at the beginning of the war. They were withdrawn from the bomber role in 1942 and used as long range sea reconnaissance and sub hunters, tug for gliders and transport airplanes.


BFW Bf 110 G Zerstörer, Germany, 1936 , Heavy Fighter-Bomber / Nightfighter 


1934 the RLM asked for a heavy fighter with great range and some defensive armament. In practice, the Bf 110 was not agile enough to withstand single- engine fighters. It was used in various roles like fighter-bomber, ground support and nightfighting.


Breda Ba. 88 Lince, Italy, 1936 , Fighter bomber, tactical Recconnaissnance 



Brewster SBN, Australia, 1936 , Carrier based scout-bomber / -trainer 



Bristol Type 160 Blenheim Mk IV, United Kingdom, 1936 , Light Bomber 


The Blenheim was developed 1936 from a fast transport very similar to the vita of the Heinkel 111. Blen- heims were used as fast bombers and low level attack aircraft.


Caproni Ca 133, Italy, 1936 , Airliner, Transport, Bomber 



Curtiss SBC 4 Helldiver, USA, 1936 , Carrier based dive bomber 



Dornier Do 17 P, Germany, 1936 , Bomber 



Douglas B 18 A Bolo, USA, 1936 , Bomber and ASW aircraft 


The B18 was developed to relieve the aged B10. It was developed from the DC2 transport. The B18 faced in a contest the Martin 146 and the Boeing 299 and won. The US Air Corps purchased 133, lateron additional 217 B18A. IN 1942 the B18 were replaced and used further as transports and sub hunters.


FIAT BR. 20 Cicogna, Italy, 1936 , Medium bomber 



Hawker Hector, United Kingdom, 1936 , Ground cooperation aircraft 



K+W C 35, Switzerland, 1936 , Reconnaisance and light bomber aircraft 


The Switzerland Airforce had the need for a twoseater aircraft for reconnaisance, air defense and bombing, both horizontal and dive bombing. The C35 was derived from several Fokker types, some 88 were build.


Northrop A 17 A, USA, 1936 , Dive bomber 


The A17 series was developed from the famous Northrop Gamma. It replaced the Curtiss A8 and A12 Shrike. The A17 was the last mono engine attack aircraft in the US Army Air Corps. Some 109 were build with a fixed gear and another 129 with a retractable gear.


Arado Ar 198, Germany, 1937 , tactical reconnaissance 



Blackburn B 24 Skua Mk II, United Kingdom, 1937 , Carrier-based fighter and attack plane 


The Skua was the first monowing fighter of the Royal Navy. Some 190 were build, but as early as 1941 it was redrawn from active duty.


Consolidated PB2Y Coronado, USA, 1937 , Long range flying boat bomber 



CRDA Cant Z. 1007 Alcione, Italy, 1937 , Medium bomber 



Douglas B 23 Dragon, USA, 1937 , Medium size bomber 



Fairey Battle Mk.I, United Kingdom, 1937 , Light Bomber 


The Battle did take over the light bomber role from biplanes like the Hart and Hind from the mid-30ies. At the beginning of the war performance nor fire- power were sufficient to survive fighter attacks, so it was withdrawn from active service.


Fairey Fulmar Mk I, United Kingdom, 1937 , Carrier-based fighter bomber 



Focke Wulf FW 57, Germany, 1937 , Destroyer 



Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha 137, Germany, 1937 , Dive bomber 



Handley Page HP 52 Hereford, United Kingdom, 1937 , Medium size bomber 



Heinkel He 111 H, Germany, 1937 , Medium Bomber 


The He 111 was the german standard bomber during WWII. The design was originally a fast airliner, so its speed was very high at the beginning of the war. Later allied fighters were faster and armed heavier, so the He 111 couldn't resist any more.


PZL P 37 Los, Poland, 1937 , Combat aircraft 



Aero A 300, Czech Republic, 1938 , Bomber 



Arado Ar 195, Germany, 1938 , carrier based torpedo bomber and tactical recconnaissance 



Blackburn B 26 Botha, United Kingdom, 1938 , Reconnaissance, Torpedobomber, Trainer 



Bristol Type 152 Beaufort, United Kingdom, 1938 , Torpedobomber 



Douglas SBD 5 Dauntless, USA, 1938 , Carrier based dive bomber 



Fairey Albacore, United Kingdom, 1938 , Carrier-based torpedo bomber 



FIAT CR 25, Italy, 1938 , Attack aircraft 



Fieseler Fi 167, Germany, 1938 , Carrier based combat aircraft 



Focke Wulf FW 187, Germany, 1938 , Destroyer 



Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha 140, Germany, 1938 , Sea based combat aircraft 



Handley Page HP 42 Hampden, United Kingdom, 1938 , Medium size bomber 



Henschel HS 123 A, Germany, 1938 , Dive bomber, ground attack aircraft 



Junkers Ju 86 D-1, Germany, 1938 , Bomber 



Junkers Ju 87 B-2 Stuka, Germany, 1938 , Dive Bomber 


In the 30ies the dive bombing technique was used to bring bombs exactly into the target. The Ju 87 was dedicated to this task. It was slow and vulnerable. Later it was equipped with two 370mm Guns and used as a tunk hunter.


Lockheed A 29 Hudson, USA, 1938 , Maritime patrol-bomber 



Morane Saulnier MS 406, France, 1938 , Fighter Bomber 



North American B 25 J Mitchell, USA, 1938 , Medium Bomber 



Potez 63, France, 1938 , Light Bomber 



PZL P 23 Karas, Poland, 1938 , Bomber 



Rogoscharski R 313, Russia, 1938 , Light Bomber 



Vickers Warwick, United Kingdom, 1938 , Bomber, long range reconnaissance aircraft 



Vickers Wellington Mk.I, United Kingdom, 1938 , Long range bomber 


(Side view: Wellington GR Mk. V.)


Westland Whirlwind, United Kingdom, 1938 , Long range fighter bomber 




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