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Curtiss JN 4 D Jenny, USA, 1917 , Trainig and multi purpose aircraft 


The "Jenny" was america's most popular aircraft in the time of WWI and shortly after. The original JN3's performances were not sufficient to field service which proofed while Pershing's punitive expedition into Mexico in 1916. The design was modified to the JN4 which was produced in large numbers when the USA entered the war in Europe. With the armistice the production was stopped, after more than 6000 produced, mostly of the "D" type. After the war, a lot of the "Jennies" were used in general aviation and in mail service. Charles Lindbergh taught himself flying after having traded in his motorcycle for an aged Jenny.


Bohemia B 5, Czech Republic, 1918 , Sports Aeroplane 



Halberstadt CL IV, Germany, 1918 , Reconnaissance and mail aircraft 




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