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Ago Ao 192 B Der Kurier, Germany , Light Utility Transport 



Junkers F 13 a, Germany, 1919 , Airliner 


The F13 was designed in 1918 especially for passenger transport. That made it the first true airliner. It was in use throughout the world, as passenger and freight airliners, for post flying and for various expeditions. More than 350 have been build. The F13 was build in various subtypes, with different engines, open or closed cockpit, sea- or landplane, etc.


Fokker F VII, Netherlands, 1924 , Airliner 



Junkers G 24 a, Germany, 1925 , Airliner, Transport, Bomber 



Latécoère 171, France, 1928 , Mail aircraft 



Douglas Dolphin, USA, 1930 , Amphibian multi-purpose aircraft 



Douglas RD 4, USA, 1930 , Amphibian multi-purpose aircraft 



Alfred Comte AC 11, Switzerland, 1931 , Liaison aircraft, geodaetic services 



Junkers Ju 52 cao, Germany, 1932 , Sea based transport 



De Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide, United Kingdom, 1933 , Light Airliner 


The DH89 was developed from the four engine DH86. It was in service to the 60ies as an airliner and with the RAF.


De Havilland DH 89 Dominie, United Kingdom, 1933 , Light Airliner, Trainer 


The DH89 was developed from the four engine DH86. It was in service to the 60ies as an airliner and with the RAF.


Dornier Do 15 Wal, Germany, 1933 , Flying boat 



Vickers Vincent, United Kingdom, 1933 , Multi-Purpose Aircraft 



Airspeed AS 6 Envoy, United Kingdom, 1934 , Light transport aircraft 



FMA Ae T 1, Argentina, 1934 , Light passenger aircraft 



Focke Wulf FW 61, Germany, 1934 , Helicopter 



Heinkel He 70 F, Germany, 1934 , Airmail plane, long range reconnaissance 



Lockheed Model 10 A Electra, USA, 1934 , Light transport aircraf 



Vickers Valentia, United Kingdom, 1934 , Troop transport 



Bristol Type 130 Bombay Mk. I, United Kingdom, 1935 , Bomber / Transporter 



Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 309 Ghibli, Italy, 1935 , general-purpose / light reconnaissance bomber 



Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 306 Borea, Italy, 1935 , general-purpose / light reconnaissance bomber 



Junkers Ju 52/3M Tante Ju, Germany, 1935 , Airliner and transport 


The JU 52 was designed as an airliner, similar to the DC 3's role and it was quite successful. During the war the JU 52 became the standard transport and was used throughout the war on every scene. Some have been build after the war in Spain (Casa) and France (Amiot)


Savoia Marchetti SM 81 Pipistrello, Italy, 1935 , Bomber / Transport 



Vultee L-1A / O-49 Vigilant, USA, 1935 , Liaison aircraft 


The L-1 liaison aircraft is the military variant of the Stinson model 74. The Vigilant had a full-span automatic slots and slotted flaps, so it was able to use even smallest airfields. They could be used in various roles, for example as glider tug, artillery spotting, emergency rescue, light transport, even as espionage aircraft and for light bimbing missions.


Caproni Ca 133, Italy, 1936 , Airliner, Transport, Bomber 



Douglas C 50, USA, 1936 , Transport aircraft 



Handley Page Hadrian, United Kingdom, 1936 , Passenger and transport aircraft 



Handley Page HP 54 Harrow, United Kingdom, 1936 , Heavy bomber / Transport 



Lisunov Li 2 "Cab", Russia, 1936 , Transport and airliner 


As a modified license build DC3, the Li2 was in use in every role known from the DC3. After the war, it was used as an airliner and in various roles in the warsaw pact air forces.


Lockheed Model 12 A, USA, 1936 , Light transport aircraft 



Lockheed C 40 / UC 40, USA, 1936 , Light transport aircraft 



Savoia Marchetti SM 75 Marsupiale, Italy, 1936 , Transport aircraft 



Beech Model 18, USA, 1937 , Commuter 


The Beech 18 was designed as a fast light travelling airplane. It was build throughout the war for over 30 years.


Beech C 45 H Expeditor, USA, 1937 , Commuter 


The Beech 18 was designed as a fast light travelling airplane. It was build throughout the war for over 30 years.


Boeing, USA, 1937 , Transport 



De Havilland DH 91 Albatross, United Kingdom, 1937 , Airliner and transport aircraft 



DFS 230, Germany, 1937 , Transport glider 


Designed at the DFS by Hans Jacobs, it was a glider for paratrooper assault operations, like the british Horsa. Until 1944 some 1600 have been build.


Dornier Do 24 T, Germany, 1937 , Flying Boat for transport, sea surveillance and search and rescue 


The Do 24 was the most successful flying boat in germany. During WW II it was in use for long range reconnaissance, search and rescue and transport. Do 24 were build in germany, the netherlands an france. Some were in service long after the war. During the 80ies Dornier build the Model ATT.


Percival Q 6 Petrel, United Kingdom, 1937 , communicationsaircraft / feederliner 



Zlin XIII, Czech Republic, 1937 , Liaison Aircraft 



Cessna UC 78 Bobcat, USA, 1938 , Commuting Airplane 



Grumman G 21 A / JRF Goose, USA, 1938 , Multi-role amphibian flying boat 



Hamburger Flugzeugbau Ha 139, Germany, 1938 , Sea based transport aircraft 



Lioré et Olivier LeO 130 M, France, 1938 , Multi purpose flying boat 



Martin 170 / JRM Mars, USA, 1938 , Long range flying boat 



Supermarine Sea Otter, United Kingdom, 1938 , Communications- and rescue flying boat 




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