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CRDA Cant Z. 501 Gabbiano, Italy, 1939 , Sea reconnaissance 



Curtiss SO 3 C Seamew, USA, 1939 , Sea reconnaissance and ASW aircraft 



Fairey Firefly F.I, United Kingdom, 1939 , Carrier-based fleet reconnaissance fighter 



FIAT RS 14, Italy, 1939 , long-range maritime reconnaissance floatplane 



Heinkel He 114, Germany, 1939 , Sea based Reconnaissance aircraft 



Martin 167 Maryland, USA, 1939 , Tactical reconnaissance, bomber 



Short G-Class, United Kingdom, 1939 , Long range sea reconnaissance /transport flying boat 



Arado Ar 196 A3, Germany, 1940 , Naval reconnaissance- and combat aircraft 



Arado Ar 231, Germany, 1940 , Sea reconnaissance aircraft based on submarines 



Blohm & Voss Bv 222 A-0 Viking, Germany, 1940 , Flying boat for transport and sea surveillance 



De Havilland DH 98 Mk IV Mosquito, United Kingdom, 1940 , Bomber, tactical reconnaissance and pathfinder 



Dornier Do 26 D, Germany, 1940 , Flying boat 



Interstate L 6 Grasshopper, USA, 1940 , Light observation and liaison aircraft 



Piper L 4 Grasshopper, USA, 1940 , Basic flight instruction, liason and recconnissance 



Stinson L 5 Sentinel, USA, 1940 , Light reconnaissance aircraft 



Aeronca L 3 Grasshopper, USA, 1941 , Liaison and observation airplane 



Nord 1203 Norécrin, France, 1941 , Leisure and liaison aircraft 



Arado Ar 240, Germany, 1942 , Destroyer and reconnaissance 



Arado Ar 440, Germany, 1942 , Long range destroyer 



Blohm & Voss Bv 142 V2/U1, Germany, 1942 , Long range sea surveillance 



Blohm & Voss Bv 238, Germany, 1942 , Very large flying boat 



Boeing B 29 Superfortress, USA, 1942 , Heavy strategic bomber 


The B29 was build to follow the B17 and B24. It was designed for high-altitude missions with remote con- trolled guns. The Superfortress was in service mostly in the pacific theatre, where the "Enola Gay" dropped the first nuclear bomb over Hiroshima.


K+W C 3603, Switzerland, 1942 , Recconnaissance, Ground Attack Aircraft 



Siebel Si 204 D, Germany, 1942 , Liaison and transport aircraft 



Airspeed AS 39 Fleet Shadower, United Kingdom, 1943 , Carrier-based sea reconnaissance aircraft 


This highly specialized aircraft was designed to shadow enemy fleets from aircraft carriers, mostly at night. To achieve this, endurance, slow cruising speeds, good field of view and a comparable small size had to be combined.


Jakovlev Jak 12, Russia, 1944 , Liason aircraft 


Build in russia and poland between 1946 and 1961. Metal construction, partially coated with tissue.


Junkers Ju 388 L, Germany, 1944 , Photo-Reconnaissance ; Variants: K-Bomber J-Allweather fighter 



Lockheed P 80 A Shooting Star, USA, 1944 , Fighter bomber and tactical reconnaissance aircraft 



Short S 45 Seaford, United Kingdom, 1944 , Long range reconnaissance flying boat 



Avro XIX, United Kingdom, 1945 , Light Transport 




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