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Type index: W





Wal, Dornier Do 15 Wal


Wallace Mk. II, Westland Wallace Mk. II


Walrus, Supermarine Walrus


Walrus, Saunders Supermarine Walrus


Wapiti Mk II. A, Westland Wapiti Mk II. A


Warhawk, Curtiss P 40 N Warhawk


Warrior III, Piper PA 28 - 161 Warrior III


Warwick, Vickers Warwick


Wasp HAS Mk.1 / Scout AH Mk. 1, Westland Wasp HAS Mk.1 / Scout AH Mk. 1


Wasser-Doppeldecker, Ago Wasser-Doppeldecker


Wasser-Doppeldecker, Ago Wasser-Doppeldecker


Wassertaube, Rumpler Wassertaube


WDD, Albatros WDD


Weihe, Focke Wulf FW 58 Weihe


Weihe, DFS 108 Weihe


Weihe 50, Schleicher Weihe 50


Welkin, Westland Welkin


Wellesley Mk. I, Vickers Wellesley Mk. I


Wellington Mk.I, Vickers Wellington Mk.I


Wessex 60, Westland Wessex 60


Wessex HAS Mk. 1, Westland Wessex HAS Mk. 1


Westwind, IAI Westwind


Wheeler, Wheeler


Whippet, Westland Whippet


Whirlwind, Westland WS.55 Whirlwind


Whirlwind, Westland Whirlwind


Whitley Mk V, Armstrong Whitworth AW 38 Whitley Mk V


Whitney Straight, Miles M 11 A Whitney Straight


Whyvern, Westland Whyvern


Wideye, Westland Wideye


Widgeon, Grumman G 44 Widgeon


Wildcat, Grumman F 4 F-4 Wildcat


Wilga, PZL 104 Wilga


Windsor, Vickers 447 Windsor


Wirraway, Commonwealth Aircraft Co. CA 1 Wirraway


Wisp , Westland Wisp


Wolf, Göppingen Gö 1 Wolf


Woodcock, Hawker Woodcock


Woomera, Commonwealth Aircraft Co. CA 4 Woomera


Woong Bee, Korea Aerospace KT 1 Woong Bee


World Cruiser, Douglas DWC World Cruiser


Wren, Willow Wren


Wrona, WS Wrona


Würger, Focke Wulf FW 190 A-8 Würger


Wyzel, PWS 33 Wyzel



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