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Type index: L





La République, Lebaudy La République


Ladybird, Aero Research Ladybird


Ladybird, Ladybird


Lama, Aérospatiale SA 315 B Lama


Lancaster Mk I, Avro 683 Lancaster Mk I


Lancastrian, Avro 691 Lancastrian


Lancer, Rockwell B 1 B Lancer


Lancer, Republic P 43 Lancer


Landmann La. 11, Flugtechn. Arge. Stettin Landmann La. 11


Lansen, Saab J 32 Lansen


Lastva, UTVA Lastva


Lavi B, IAI Lavi B


Lear Jet 28 Longhorn, Gates Lear Jet 28 Longhorn


Learjet 40, Bombardier (Business Aircraft) Learjet 40


Learjet 45 XR, Bombardier (Business Aircraft) Learjet 45 XR


Lebke, Rubik Aero Ever KFT R 16 Lebke


Lehrmeister, Apparatebau Lommatzsch FES 530 / II Lehrmeister


Leif Erikson, Loening C 2 C Leif Erikson


Leonides, Alvis Leonides


Leonides Major, Alvis Leonides Major


Leopard III A, Armstrong Siddeley Leopard III A


Lepke, L Div. R 16 Lepke


Lerche, La 16 Lerche


Lerche, La 17 Lerche


Lerwick, Saunders Roe S 36 Lerwick


Levente, Fabian Levente


Levente II, Repülögpégyàr Levente II


Libeccio, Caproni Bergamaschi Ca 314 A Libeccio


Libelle - Laminar, Apparatebau Lommatzsch Lom 58 / II Libelle - Laminar


Libelle II, Dornier Libelle II


Liberator, Consolidated B 24 H Liberator


Liftmaster, Douglas C 68 Liftmaster


Light Combat Aircraft, HAL LCA Light Combat Aircraft


Lightning, Lockheed P 38 J Lightning


Lightning, Lockheed L 322 Lightning


Lightning F.1, English Electric Lightning F.1


Lill-Draken, Saab 210 Lill-Draken


Lince, Breda Ba. 88 Lince


Lincoln B Mk. I, Avro 694 Lincoln B Mk. I


Lionceau, A Diverse 20 Lionceau


Lis, PZL Bielsko / SZD 25 A Lis


Lo-Meise, Lommatzsch Lom 59 Lo-Meise


Loadmaster, Ayres LM 200 Loadmaster


Lodestar, Lockheed Model 18-56 Lodestar


Lodestar, Lockheed C 57 D Lodestar


Lodestar, Lockheed C-60 A Lodestar


London Mk II, Saunders Roe A 27 London Mk II


Longhorn, Farman MF 7 Longhorn


Lorraine, Chalais-Meudon Lorraine


Los, PZL P 37 Los


Lucifer, Bristol Lucifer


Lunak, Letov Lf 107 Lunak


Lynx AH Mk I, Westland WG 13 Lynx AH Mk I


Lynx IV, Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV


Lysander Mk. III, Westland Lysander Mk. III



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