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Type index: D





D'Arlandes, Zodiac D'Arlandes


Dakota, Douglas C 47 A Dakota


Dakota, Piper PA 28 - 236 Dakota


Dancock, Hawker Dancock


Dart 505, Rolls Royce Dart 505


Dart 510, Rolls Royce Dart 510


Dash 7, DeHavilland Canada DHC 7 Dash 7


Dash 8-300, DeHavilland Canada DHC 8 Dash 8-300


Dauntless, Douglas SBD 5 Dauntless


Dauphin, Aérospatiale SA 360 Dauphin


Dauphin II, Aérospatiale SA 365 C Dauphin II


Defiant Mk I, Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I


Delfin, Aero L 29 Delfin


Delta Dagger, Convair F 102 Delta Dagger


Delta Dart, Convair F 106 Delta Dart


Demoiselle, Santos Dumont Demoiselle


Demon, Curtiss-Wright CW 21 Demon


Demon, McDonnell F 3 H Demon


Demon, Hawker Demon


Der Kurier, Ago Ao 192 B Der Kurier


Derwent 8, Rolls Royce Derwent 8


Destroyer, Douglas B 66 Destroyer


Destroyer, Douglas BTD Destroyer


Devastator, Douglas TBD 1 Devastator


Diamond Star, HOAC DV 40 Diamond Star


Dinah, Mitsubishi Ki 46 Dinah


Djinn, Sud-Ouest SO 1221 Djinn


Dolphin, Sopwith 5 F 1 Dolphin


Dolphin, Douglas Dolphin


Dominator, Consolidated B 32 Dominator


Dominie, De Havilland DH 89 Dominie


Dominie T. Mk 1, Hawker Siddeley HS 125 Dominie T. Mk 1


Donryu, Nakajima Ki 49 Donryu


Doppeldecker 1913, Otto Doppeldecker 1913


Doppelraab IV, Raab Doppelraab IV


Doris, Praga M 208 B Doris


Double Mamba 3, Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 3


Dove, De Havilland DH 104 Dove


Dragon, Douglas B 23 Dragon


Dragon, De Havilland DH 84 Dragon


Dragon Rapide, De Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide


Dragonfly, Cessna A 37 Dragonfly


Dragonfly, De Havilland DH 90 Dragonfly


Dragonfly, Sikorski H-5 A Dragonfly


Dragonfly, Westland WS 51 Dragonfly


Draken, Saab J 35 F Draken


Dreidecker, Fokker Dr. I Dreidecker


Dromader, WSK-Mielec M 18 A Dromader


Dromader Super, WSK-Mielec M 24 Dromader Super


Drone, Northrop SD 1 Drone


Drone, Shelduck D1 Drone


Drover, De Havilland Australia DHA 3 Drover


Duchess 76, Bechcraft Duchess 76


Duck, Grumman JF / J2F-6 Duck


Démant, Aero VT 100 Démant



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