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Hersteller: r_div








Rearwing 9000 Sportster





Rieseler-Bendel R11/6





Roland Garros Eindecker





1911 - R. Esnault-Pelterie REP D





1913 - R. Esnault-Pelterie REP K





1919 - Ricci 6 Triplane





1928 - Raab-Katzenstein RK 9 Grasmücke, Sports aircraft





1929 - Riedel PR 2 Rhönbaby, Soaring plane





1934 - Raab-Katzenstein RK 26 Tigerschwalbe, Soaring plane





1936 - Rotter Nemere, Olympic soaring plane


The Nemere had ailerons which could be controlled in flight to vary the airfoil, with the intent of applying slight "negative flap" effect in inter-thermal cruise. With its high wing loading (for the era) it was designed specifically for thermal-based cross-country flights. The design work was started in January 1936 by Lajos Rotter (pilot and aircraft designer) to be ready for the anticipated glider demonstration program at the Berlin Olympics. First flight took place on July 27, 1936. Without any soaring flights, it was taken to Berlin. On August 12, Rotter declared a 326.5 km goal flight to Kiel, which was completed in 3h 53'. It was the longest goal flight by any sailplane at that time, and the longest distance flight of 1936. Still during the Olympics, P. Nannini flew the Italian altitude record with the Nemere. [Ivan Jaszlics]  



1940 - Repülögpégyàr Levente II, Training and liaison aircraft





1950 - Raab Doppelraab IV, Training Glider Two-Seater


A glider trainer that was well used after the war because its compactness and priceworthyness. The Teachers seat was elevated and had no controls. The teacher had to reach over the students shoulders to take the controls.  



1978 - Rochelt Musculair, Man-powered experimental aircraft






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