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Hersteller: pzl

Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa Okecie S.A.
Warszawa Okezie, foundet: 1928


Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa Okecie S.A. - Aleja Krakowska nr. 110/114 - 00-971 Warszawa - Polska






1929 - PZL SP 1, Fighter





1930 - PZL P 1, Fighter Prototype





1931 - PZL P 11, Fighter





1931 - PZL P 6, Fighter Prototype





1932 - PZL P 7, Fighter Prototype





1933 - PZL P 8, Fighter prototype





1935 - PZL M 4 Tarpan





1936 - PZL P 24, Fighter





1937 - PZL P 37 Los, Combat aircraft





1938 - PZL P 23 Karas, Bomber





1949 - PZL S 4 Kania, Light and trainig aircraft





1959 - PZL MD 12, Short range airliner and military transport


Designed by Misztal and Duleba as a short range airliner and transport aircraft.  



PZL 112 Junior, Light multi purpose aircraft





1972 - PZL 104 Wilga, Liason aircraft





1973 - PZL 106 Kruk, Cropduster


The Kruk (Crow) was designed by PZL to be used on the wide crop fields that are common to the comecon countries. 165 were build.  



1973 - PZL 106 BT Turbo Kruk, Cropduster





1975 - PZL M 15 Belphegor, Cropduster


The M15 was designe by PZL Mielec to relieve the aged An2 in the cropduster role. Because it's special design, the combination of a jet engine and biplanes, the Belphegor was able to carry five times the load of a than-common cropduster.  



1976 - PZL 101 Gawron, Multi purpose light aircraft





1977 - PZL M 17, Flight Instrauction and recrational aircraft





1984 - PZL 130 Orlik, Trainer





1985 - PZL I 22 Iryda, Ground Attack Trainer





1986 - PZL Mielec M 26 Iskierka, Trainer





1988 - PZL 110, Travelling Aircraft


License-build Socata Rallye 100 ST  



1989 - PZL 105 Flaming, Travelling Airplane





1989 - PZL 130 TM Turbo Orlik, Trainer






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