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Hersteller: northrop

Northrop Aircraft
Hawthorne, foundet: 1928


Northrop Grumman Corp. - Military Aircraft Division - One northrop Avenue - Hawthorne, CA 90250 - USA

Tel : +1 310 332-1000

Fax : +1 310 332-3396






Northrop SD 1 Drone





1936 - Northrop A 17 A, Dive bomber


The A17 series was developed from the famous Northrop Gamma. It replaced the Curtiss A8 and A12 Shrike. The A17 was the last mono engine attack aircraft in the US Army Air Corps. Some 109 were build with a fixed gear and another 129 with a retractable gear.  



1940 - Northrop N 3 P, Waterplane





1942 - Northrop P 61 Black Widow, Heavy Nightfighter





1947 - Northrop B 35 Flying Wing, Experimental bomber





1948 - Northrop F-89 J Scorpion, All weather fighter interceptor





1948 - Northrop X-4, Experimental Aircraft





1952 - Northrop B 49 Flying Wing, Experimental bomber





1959 - Northrop F 5 Tiger II, Fighter bomber





1966 - Northrop T 38 Talon, Advanced trainer and light fighter





1977 - Northrop YF 17 Cobra, Fighter prototype





1985 - Northrop F 20 Tigershark, Fighter





1990 - Northrop B 2 Spirit, Stealth Strategic Bomber





2000 - Northrop Grumman Global Hawk, Unmanned long range reconnaissance aircraft






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