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Hersteller: arado

Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH







1925 - Arado S 1, Training





1926 - Arado SC 1, Trainer





1928 - Arado S III, Trainer





1928 - Arado SC II, Trainer





1928 - Arado SD 1, Fighter





1929 - Arado W II, Sea based trainer





1929 - Arado SD II, Fighter





1929 - Arado SD III, Fighter





1929 - Arado SSD I, Sea based fighter





1930 - Arado Ar 64 a, Fighter





1930 - Arado L II a, Trainer





1933 - Arado Ar 66 C, Trainer


The AR66 was designed by Rethel with the specifica- tion of the refounded Luftwaffe in mind. So the AR66 became one of the standard trainers of the Luftwaffe.  



1933 - Arado Ar 67, Fighter





1934 - Arado Ar 65 F, Fighter





1934 - Arado Ar 68 E, Fighter





1934 - Arado Ar 69 B, Trainer





1935 - Arado Ar 76, fighter and advanced trainer





1935 - Arado Ar 80 V2, Fighter





1936 - Arado Ar 197, Carrier based fighter bomber





1936 - Arado Ar 81, dive bomber





1936 - Arado Ar 95 A1, Seabased bomber and torpedo attack a/c





1937 - Arado Ar 198, tactical reconnaissance





1938 - Arado Ar 195, carrier based torpedo bomber and tactical recconnaissance





1938 - Arado Ar 79, General aviation and instruction aircraft





1938 - Arado Ar 96 B, Trainer


The Ar 96 was the standard basic trainer of the Luftwaffe. 11546 were build during the war, some of them in Czekoslovakia. The production was set forth until 1948 (as the C-2). The later produced famous Zlin Trèner series follows the basic concept of the Ar 96.  



1940 - Arado Ar 196 A3, Naval reconnaissance- and combat aircraft





1940 - Arado Ar 231, Sea reconnaissance aircraft based on submarines





1942 - Arado Ar 232 Tausendfüssler, Battle zone transport





1942 - Arado Ar 240, Destroyer and reconnaissance





1942 - Arado Ar 440, Long range destroyer





1943 - Arado Ar 396, light fighter, advanced trainer





1944 - Arado Ar 234 B Blitz, Jet bomber


The Arado 234 was the first jet driven bomber to be built in numbers. Versions for tactical reconnaissance and bombers with 4 jet engines were build.  




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