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Hersteller: albatros

Berlin Johannisthal







1912 - Albatros EE, Reconnaissance and training aircraft





1912 - Albatros WMZ, Sea based reconnaissance aircraft





1913 - Albatros K 351, Sea reconnaissance





1913 - Albatros DE, Reconnaissance and training aircraft





1913 - Albatros D L.1, Reconnaissance and training aircraft





1913 - Albatros WDD, Sea reconnaissance





1914 - Albatros B III (Typ L 5), Reconnaissance aircraft





1914 - Albatros W 1, Sea reconnaissance aircraft





1915 - Albatros B II, unarmed reconnaisance aircraft


Designed by Großmann, the BII was developed from the BI. It was in service as an unarmed reconnaisance aircraft up to 1915, when faster and better protected aircraft took over it's role. Later they were used as basic trainers.  



1915 - Albatros B (K351B), Sea-based training aircraft





1915 - Albatros C I (Typ L 6), Reconnaisance aircraft


The Albatros CI was one of the typical reconnaisance aircraft from mid WWI, which were in use to gather information about the frontline from the air. These aircraft were quite large, slow and bad armed.  



1915 - Albatros C III (Typ L 10), Reconnaisance aircraft





1915 - Albatros C Ia (Typ L 6), Reconnaisance aircraft





1916 - Albatros D I, Fighter aircraft





1916 - Albatros D II, Fighter





1916 - Albatros D IV, Fighter aircraft (Prototype)





1916 - Albatros W 4, Fighter aircraft on floats





1917 - Albatros L 30, Baisc flight instruction





1917 - Albatros D III, Fighter





1917 - Albatros D V, Single seat fighter


The Alb. D V was developed from the D III, with better aerodynamics. When it saw service in 1917, it could not match the allied fighters.  



1917 - Albatros D VII, Experimental aircraft





1917 - Albatros Dr. I, Experimental fighter aircraft





1918 - Albatros D X, Experimental fighter aircraft





1918 - Albatros D XI, Experimental fighter aircraft





1918 - Albatros D XII, Experimental fighter aircraft





1918 - Albatros D VI, Experimental fighter airplane





1918 - Albatros D IX, Experimental fighter aircraft





1918 - Albatros Dr. 2, Experimental fighter aircraft





1925 - Albatros L 65 I, Reconnaissance





1925 - Albatros L 68, Trainer





1925 - Albatros L 69, Trainer





1927 - Albatros L 73, Trainer





1927 - Albatros L 76 Aeolus, Reconnaissance





1928 - Albatros L 74, Reconnaissance





1928 - Albatros L 75, Trainer





1928 - Albatros L 77 v, Fighter and reconnaissance aircraft





1928 - Albatros L 78, Reconnaissance aircraft





1929 - Albatros L 82 a, Trainer





1931 - Albatros L 84, Fighter and reconnaissance





1932 - Albatros L 102 Aw, Sea based training aircraft





1932 - Albatros L 81, Reconnaissance





1936 - Albatros L 120, Trainer






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