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Hersteller: airbus

Airbus Industrie
Blagnac Cedex, foundet: 1970


Airbus Industrie - 1 Rond Pont Maurice Bellonte - 31707 Blagnac Cedex - France

Tel : +33 61 933333

Fax : +33 61 933792






1982 - Airbus A 310-200, Airliner


The A310 is somewhat smaller than the A300 and is in use on midrange and longrange flights . It's the second model of the Airbus line of airliners. As the first airliner in the world it was equipped with a fly-by-wire flight control system.  



1982 - Airbus A 310-300, Airliner





1983 - Airbus A 300-600, Medium Range Airliner


The A300 was the first model of Airbus Industry, a group of eurpean aircraft manufacturers that was to bring a european answer to Boeing and McDD to the international aitliner market. The A300-600 is equipped with a 100% digital control system (fly-by-wire).  



1988 - Airbus A 320-200, Airliner


The A320 is the mid range variant of the second generation of the european airbus family.  



1991 - Airbus A 340-300, Long Range Airliner


The A340 is the large-scale member of the Airbus family of jet airliners, fitted with 4 jet engines. It is designed for long range (-300) and ultra-long range (-200). Technically, the A340 and the A330 are relatives, but the A340 has got increased safety especially on intercontinental flights by its 4 jet engines.  



1991 - Airbus A 340-200, Long Range Airliner





1992 - Airbus A 330, Airliner





1993 - Airbus A 321-200, Airliner





1994 - Airbus / SATIC A 300-600 ST Beluga, Freighter for outsized cargoes


The A300 was the first model of Airbus Industries, a group of european aircraft manufacturers. It's goal was to bring a european answer to Boeing and McDD to the international airliner market. The A300-600 as the latest model of this line is equipped with a 100% digital control system (fly-by-wire). Developed for the transport of oversized cargos like parts of the Airbus production line ready for assembly. The Beluga is based on the A 300-600 freighter. The cockpit has been lowered to get a platform for easier loading.  



1995 - Airbus A 319 100, Mid-Range Airliner





1997 - Airbus A 330-200, Long range airliner


The A330-200 is the long range version of the A330 family. The hull was shortened and the fuel capacity was increased. Aditionally, the wings, the vertical stabilizer and the cockpit have been redesigned.  




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