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Type sheet: ja37

Saab JA 37 Viggen
Fighter bomber, Sweden, 1967

[Technical Data] [Expo/Images] - [ Saab] [ Fighter 1946-1974] [ Light Bombers 1946-1974]


The Viggen was very agile due to its duck wing
design, which was revolutionary at it's time.
Up to the 90ies it is known as a very capable
fighter bomber aircraft.


Sizes and weights

Total Length :

50.459 ft

15.380 m


Greatest height :

19.357 ft

5.900 m


Wingspan :

34.777 ft

10.600 m


Wing area :

495.144 sqft

46.000 qm


Max take off weight :

49612.5 lbs

22500.0 kg


Weight empty :

26901.0 lbs

12200.0 kg


Max. weight carried :

22711.5 lbs

10300.0 kg


Performance data

Max. speed :

1185 kts

2195 km/h


Landing speed :

119 kts

220 km/h


Cruising speed :

486 kts

900 km/h


Initial climb rate :

29527.56 ft/min

150.00 m/s


Service ceiling :

59055 ft

18000 m


Wing load :

100.25 lbs/ft2

489.00 kg/qm


Range :

1129 nm

2090 km


Range (max. weight) :

1080 nm

2000 km



Kind :



Type :

Svenska Flygmotor RM8 (6670/12000kp)


Power rating (max.) :

117720 N

12000 kp


Count :




Total power rating (max.) :

117720 N

12000 kp



Crew :







Armament :

1* 30mm Oerlikon KCA, 2* PR Rb71 SkyFlash, 2-4 Rb24 Sidewinder / 6000kg ext. Bomb, A/GM RB04C / RB05A




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