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Museum Info: gmm

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry


[Overview] [Exhibition]



An major aviation collection within a huge science and industrial museum.




Open hours:

Liverpool Rd, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4JP, United Kingdom
Tel.: 0161 833 2244


10am to 5 pm except Xmas


How to get there:


City Centre




  A tip from the editors:
 Call before planning a trip.


On display / assets:

Avian III A
, 1926 , G-EBZM
, WG763
Rallye Club
MXY-7 Ohka II
, 1944
Avro 504 K
, 1915 , G-ABAA
Avro Shackleton AEW 2
, 1949 , WR960
Avro 707 A
, 1949 , WZ736
Bensen B 7 MC Gyrocopter
Bristol B 171 Sycamore HR 14
, 1947 , XL824
Bristol B 192 Belvedere HC 1
, 1957 , XG454
Cayley Glider

DeHavilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide
, 1933 , G-ADAH
DeHavilland DH 121 Trident 3 B
, 1962 , G-AWZP
EON Primary
, WP270
Fairey Firefly AS 6
, WB440
Hawker Hunter F 1
, 1954 , WT619
Miles M 14 Magister T 1
, 1936 , T9707
Sopwith Triplane
, 1917
Supermarine Spitfire FR XIV E
Fighter Interceptor , 1943 , MT847
Vollmer VJ 23
, 1960




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