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Museum Info: dnm

Deutsches Luftschiff- und Marinefliegermuseum - Aeronauticum


[Overview] [Exhibition]



This museum is situated on the place where the german navy airships where based. It documents the history of the german naval aviation forces, especially of the Federal german navy.




Open hours:

Peter-Strasser-Platz 3 - 27637 Nordholz
Tel.: +49 4741 18190


03/15-06/30 Mo-Sa 2-5, Su 10-6; 7/1-8/31 daily 10-6; 9/1-10/31 Mo-Sa 2-5, Su 10-6; 11/1 - 3/14 by appointment


How to get there:


Nordholz-Spieka, Autobahn A27 Exit Nordholz, to the west, then on the L135 to the north, near the entrance to the navy air base




  A tip from the editors:
 Call before planning a trip.


On display / assets:

Dornier DO 28 D Skyservant
Light Transport Aircraft , 1968 , 59+22
Dornier DO 28 D Skyservant
Light Transport Aircraft , 1968 , 59+19
Fairey Gannet
Anti-submarine warfare , UA 113
Focke-Wulf / Piaggio P 149
Trainer , 1953 , 90+77
Hawker Sea Hawk
Carrier-based Fighter/Bomber , 1951 , VB 134
Hunting Percival 54 Pembroke
Medium Transport and training aircraft , 1954 , 5408
Lockheed F 104 G Starfighter
Fighter / Bomber , 1968 , 22+98
Mil Mi 8
Transport helicopter , 1968 , 94+14
Mil Mi 8
Transport helicopter , 1968 , 94+01
Potez-Fouga CM 170 Magister
Light Attack Aircraft and Trainer , 1968 , SC-601
Suchoi Su 22
Fighter bomber , 1968 , 366




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